Christmas decorations were in abundance in this store in the City.

One store displayed plenty of children’s book for those parents who wish to give the gift of knowledge.

Christmas trees soon to be decorated are being assembled in National Heroes Square and Independence Square.

Low-key start for Christmas in the City

IT appears that Christmas will be a bit low-key for most merchants in the City.

On Monday, The Barbados Advocate visited a number of stores in Bridgetown to get the feeling of the season. Starting along Tudor Street, one store which sells household items was well prepared for the usually busy period. Speaking to the manager of the business, items such as lights, Christmas trees, children’s toys and curtains were in stock from October. Additionally, the store was sure to stock up on baking pans, a favourite purchase among some of their customers who like to bake during the holidays.

Turning onto Swan Street, at outward appearances, it seemed to be business as usual. Some stores displayed new mats and other household items outside their doors. On Broad Street, some popular malls had not started to decorate and assemble their Christmas decorations while other businesses were busy restocking their shelves for curious shoppers. Heading to Independence Square, one bookstore announced a sale on children’s books for the season.

Santa Claus, a common symbol during Christmas, was only seen at two major malls. Some store windows and stores had little if no decorations for the season so far.

However, along National Heroes Square and Independence Square, preparations were being made to help Bridgetown get into the spirit of the season. In these areas, large Christmas trees were being assembled to be decorated in a couple of days. An initiative of the Barbados branch of The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS), last year, over 70 trees were decorated by students of local schools with recyclable materials.

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