Aron and Christina Truss, founders of The Aron & Christina Foundation, presents the Kindle Fire Tablets to the Class 3 students at Reynold Weekes Primary School.

Students being prepared for tech-driven world

The Aron & Christina Foundation Tablet Project is preparing students across Barbados to be part of the technically driven world.

Yesterday, 53 Class 3 students at Reynold Weekes Primary School received Kindle Fire Tablets compliments the registered charity, which for the past eight years has been targeting schools in rural areas ensuring that those children have the opportunity to own technology.

Students of Class 3 are selected because founders, Aron and Christina Truss, believe that they are old enough to handle the responsibility of taking care of the tablet and will have it to assist them with preparations for the Common Entrance Exam.

“Christina and I have young children and we are very aware that there are many children in Barbados that don’t receive the same opportunities and benefits that our children receive. So the reason we are giving you a tablet is because we really want you to have the same opportunities to do well in school,” Aron Truss expressed.

“We know that in addition to using them in the classroom you will be playing games. That is fine with us, because even when you are playing games you are learning skills that you are going to need in the future. There are going to be very few jobs that any of you are going to be able to do when you are older, without a good working knowledge of technology.
“It doesn’t mean that you don’t go outside and play. There is a balance you can have with these devices… We hope that you make good use of the tablets and most importantly take good care of them,” he told the students.

In return, Mr Truss only asks that the children take better care of the environment.

“We don’t think that as a country that we should still be seeing litter on our streets, playing fields, around schools…As a country we shouldn’t be throwing things out of cars and bus windows, so I want you students not only to not do that, but I want you to speak up when you see people doing that,” he stressed.

Principal, Anderson Bishop took the opportunity to thank the foundation for its annual donation to the students of Reynold Weekes Primary School. (TL)

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