Some well-qualified people displaying bad attitudes in the workplace

TOO OFTEN well-qualified persons in offices and other workplaces have bad attitudes.

This was the word of the First Vice President, of the Barbados Evangelical Association, Dr Winston O. Clarke, who suggested that this is one of the issues society needs to look out as the island celebrates 51 years of Independence.

“Of course, when we talk about excellence in citizenship, values cannot be sufficiently emphasised. Too often we see well-qualified persons in this beautiful land, in offices, and at other workplaces whose qualifications and attitudes are at variance with each other.

“Yes, there are multifarious opportunities for education and training in our society, but one of the great challenges we face in this society today is one where many of us are well- qualified but have bad attitudes,” he said.

Dr Clarke was speaking at the National Independence Service, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, on Sunday, where he noted that if Barbadians are to become and remain citizens of excellence, they must make a greater effort to inculcate values in the youth, and to help shape their attitudes from young.

The Vice President of the Barbados Evangelical Association said the provision of articles of conspicuous consumption should be matched with the instilling of decency, politeness, respect for real and personal property, a display of positive values, and an aspiration to develop whatever artistic talents the youth possess.

“Life however, does not go on without a challenge; neither does positive change. Life is about challenges, and the perpetuation of a legacy does not throw change through the window, but with technological and ideational changes, coexist in a harmonious way to preserve things Barbadian.

“The same God who revealed himself to our forefathers can be still known to us today. He is no longer seen as a ‘Deus Absconditus’ And so, in the midst of our changes and challenges as a nation, the same God who has been on the people’s side for the past three hundred years will remain on our side.

“The same love and mercy he has for Judah, he also has for us. For this reason alone, we can look to the future without fear and within renewed hope. Let us have a greater confidence in ourselves to receive the plans which God has in store for us. Plans to prosper and not to harm, plans to give hope and a future,” Reverend Dr Clarke said. (AH)

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