Dr. Kerry Hall, CEO of the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA), accepting a token of appreciation from Ronald Jones, Minister of Education, for her contribution to the human chain link.

Jones: Time for Barbados to make the final break

Minister of Education Ronald Jones believes that moving forward, this country must look towards making the move to become a republic.

While addressing the presentation to persons who participated in the Human Chain Link 2016 at the Main Conference Room at the Ministry of Education, he stated, “As we reflect, while going forward we need to look at that notion of the final break and become the republic of Barbados; that is a discussion we have to have.

“I know that there are persons that are attached to the monarchy, but the final break has to be Barbados as a republic and I’m hoping that all of us will be around to be part of that final break,” he said.

“This break would give us further strength, more knowledge, more capacity to do what we have to do as a small developing nation, where we would call on all of our people to put their
back to the proverbial plough even more as we are still impacted by external shocks …” he added.

Speaking about the human chain link, he said, “We knew persons were sceptical, but the chain link had a purpose to unite Barbadians regardless of race, class and creed – that is what we need in Barbados – and we thank those who took part, and visitors as well also took part.”

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