Plans taking shape

Preparations are well advanced for this Thursday’s ceremony where Westbury New Road, St. Michael will be officially renamed Rihanna Drive.

The proceedings, in honour of Barbadian megastar, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, form part of this year’s Independence Day activities. The St. Michael location is the childhood address of the “Diamonds” singer.

Outlining to the press yesterday some of the major happenings to occur during the November 30 ceremony, Chairman of the Planning Committee, Hugh Foster, said: “The focus of this event is Rihanna and the Westbury New Road residents.”

He pointed out that Thursday’s proceedings will include a video presentation titled “Community Vibes”, where 21 residents from the area will give their view on the name change. Westbury New Road resident, Kathy Ife Harris, will also speak about Rihanna.

Foster further stated that during the ceremony, Prime Minister of Barbados, the Rt. Hon. Freundel Stuart, will present to Rihanna her Cultural Ambassador instruments. This will be followed by their unveiling of the new fingertip sign and a signboard.

Foster added that the high resolution signboard will carry three blocks of script. The first will state the purpose for the sign and the names of those who unveiled it as well as carry Barbados’ Coat of Arms. The second block will give details of some of Rihanna’s achievements over the years. Meanwhile, the final block of script will be a personal message from the Barbadian singer, songwriter and actress.

Following the formalities, it is expected that the Prime Minister and Rihanna will go to the site of her former home to view a special symbol.

“We are going to have that pavement painted in national colours and in the centre of that pavement, we are going to have a square granite block. It will be placed in there with a symbol of the sun, which Rihanna specifically asked for and sent a diagram of it, which we are going to use. Under the sun, you are going to have Rihanna’s name and under that we are going to have a small trident around the border,” Foster further explained.

A number of traffic changes will be in place on Thursday. Persons attending the Independence Day event will be able to do so by invitation only. The Master of Ceremonies on the day will be Nadia Brancker and Kirk Browne. The November 30 ceremony will be followed by a block party for the Westbury New Road community, co-ordinated by Rihanna’s brother, Rorrey Fenty. (MG)

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