Corrie Brewster, Founder & Executive Chairman of Karibs Network Inc., introducing a new search engine in the Caribbean.

Corrie Brewster, Founder & Executive Chairman of Karibs Network Inc., introducing a new search engine in the Caribbean.

Business Monday: Changing how business is done in the C’bean

“Karibs will become the google of our region.” This was the bold assessment made by Corrie Brewster, Founder & Executive Chairman of Karibs Network Inc.

The expanding business has lofty goals of taking the Caribbean and Barbados to the next step. The business opened its office in Green Hill, St. Michael only eight months ago, but Brewster has been assiduously working on this concept from 2010.

The Entrepreneur told The Barbados Advocate, “Karibs is a one stop shop for Caribbean related information, and Karibs will actually be the largest depository for Caribbean information found on the internet.

“Karibs Network Inc. is an ICT company also registered as an International Business Company. We have created a database similar to the likes of Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc. to represent the Caribbean on the World Wide Web. It means that Caribbean information will be easily accessible via the World Wide Web to anyone who is seeking information an all Caribbean territories. This is 100 per cent Caribbean content disseminated to a global audience.”

According to him, “Persons don’t understand how the world-wide web works, they think because you have a URL or domain name, their website will be easily found on these major search engines. That is far from the truth. What happens is that you have millions of pages being added on to these entities on a daily and weekly basis.

“When you have certain key words attributed to your website in your domain name, it makes it easier for you to be found, but with millions of pages on the world wide web that contain those same key words as your business, Caribbean businesses are not easily found on the first three pages, and that is the challenge, and the only way someone can find your business is if they know the exact URL.

“We have created a database that Caribbean web entities can actually register their domain name or URL within our database in order to be found. It cost US$96 annually for inclusion. However, although Google is free, Yahoo is not free, and is US$299 annually, we are still cost effective.”

Brewster advised, “If a company is interested in more information, it is user friendly. All persons have to do is go on to our URL, which is This search engine will be live end of the month.

“We do have two other search engines that are live, which are This is an e-directory which persons in cottage industries or small businesses can advertise their business to a global audience, and for those that do not have a website a web presence… We offer a lot more real estate to advertise and market on than our competitors.

“As an entrepreneur, I am aware that advertising is expensive, thus we offer value for money. We want to do business with like-minded entrepreneurs and increase one’s bottom line. This is the only way the economy can turn around.

“The other search engine is This is a niche, and this niche caters to tourist-related businesses. Persons that live in the international markets would be able to have a window that they can see the ins and outs of the Caribbean.”

Brewster believes it is important for our region to operate on international standards. (NB)

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