Jenson Sylvester, Vice President of C&W Business.

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Significant Internet penetration results in renewed momentum around devices, networks and overall connectivity


Telecommunication continues to be one of the major growth sectors for the Caribbean region. 
According to Jenson Sylvester, Vice President of C&W Business, the business arm of leading telecoms provider Flow, local companies have done well to leverage available technologies, such as corporate networks, unified communications and
mobility solutions in their day-to-day enterprise. 
“Barbados now enjoys significant Internet penetration and this has resulted in renewed momentum around devices, networks and overall connectivity,” said Sylvester. 
“Since the launch of C&W Business in 2015, we have continuously engaged new and existing clients about the trends we are seeing and where we think the next wave of telecommunications is heading, and at this moment in time, we definitely feel it is in the mobile space. 
“As mobile devices and related connectivity continue to be more and more embedded in the fabric of our society, there is impetus for video conferencing, mobile payments and Internet of Things (IoT).”
Sylvester said he believed that a main driver for future enterprise would be IoT – a widely proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects are “smart” and have network connectivity already built-in, thereby allowing the device to send 
and receive data.  
“The number of connected devices we have in our life has exploded over the past couple of years and there is now an international study that suggests that consumers in North America are looking at their devices over eight billion times a day in the aggregate. This is a clear tipping point for sectors within the telecoms landscape including broadband carriers, network infrastructure companies and device manufacturers,” he said. 
“The consumer oriented devices that will comprise IoT will in large part consist of wearables, smartphones, ‘connected’ cars and ‘smart’ homes and offices. We also expect manufacturing, transportation, utilities, retail and the hospitality sectors to be big contributors to this rapidly emerging and complex ecosystem, particularly in the enterprise space.” 
While noting there was still much to be done for Barbados to realise a full IoT environment, Sylvester said consumer demand for digital technologies will help drive the initiative, coupled with Government’s efforts to operate more effectively and efficiently through applications such as connected traffic lights, asset monitoring and tracking, and a national network of video surveillance.
“A further connected environment will allow for the expansion of the business sector and tangible returns for all Barbadians. C&W Business, which is a company of solution seekers, will continue to build upon our strategic alliances and partnerships where private companies and national bodies can avoid having to invest significant resources and time to develop these core capabilities themselves, which means they can focus on running their business and let us help them get the most out of technology.”

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