Radio Personalities, Patrick ‘Salt’ Bellamy and Caroline ‘CiCi’ Reid  demonstrating the difficulty persons with disabilities would facing while  manoeuvring in non-designated parking spaces.

Kiwanis Pride highlights parking issues for people with disabilities


One local charity has partnered with the Barbados Council for the Disabled to raise awareness about why able-bodied individuals should not park in spaces designated for people with disabilities.

The Kiwanis Pride of Barbados recently staged a simulation in the Sky Mall carpark to demonstrate why designated spaces should be kept free, and the difficulty persons with disability face getting out of their vehicles when they are forced to park in regular parking spaces. 
Coming on board for this simulation were a number of local radio and sports personalities.
Event Coordinator and member of Kiwanis Pride, Nicola Yard, said that the simulation was to “impress upon people the importance of not parking in any of the disable parking spaces”.
She also stated they are “hoping that with this simulation and the petition that the Barbados Council for the Disabled is trying to do, that we can get government to pass legislation to make it illegal to park in disable parking spaces”.
Meanwhile, Operations Manager with the Barbados Council for the Disabled, Roseanna Tudor stated that the day’s simulation was yet another activity by Kiwanis Pride. She said that in the past the group painted a number of parking spots for the disabled throughout Barbados. She also shared that the partnership has been “going pretty well”.
‘Need for access aisle’
“Kiwanis Pride of Barbados should be given credit today for this particular activity because it is an activity where they are demonstrating the difficulty for someone coming out of a car with a wheel chair, or with crutches, or with any mobility challenge and trying to get through a narrow path without access. The reason for having this event is to show the need for the access aisle. 
“So you don’t just put down a car park for persons with disabilities without putting down the access aisle because that is important,” Tudor pointed out.



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