The Breakfast Programme run by the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) is in jeopardy and the Association is making an appeal to Corporate Barbados and Barbadians in general to lend a hand.
That plea is coming from President of the YWCA, Tamita Griffith, who explained that the demand for the programme has been growing every year since it started nine years ago. With that in mind, she explained that the tough economic conditions responsible for the increase in demand for the programme, is the same reason it has been getting harder to keep the programme going. She said, while they have persevered over the years, this year has been extremely challenging and they are now desperately in need of supplies for the programme to get going again in the New Year, when the next school term, slated for January 10, 2017, commences.
In fact, the YWCA president told The Barbados Advocate that if they do not get much needed supplies for the programme soon, the possibility exists that the more than 1 300 school children they currently serve breakfast to when school is in session, may not be able to receive that much needed meal and will go to school hungry. She explained that in recent times a few corporate entities have come to their rescue, but she lamented their support only took the programme to the end of the last school term.
“We are very low on the breakfast programme – we need finances to help purchase stock, or persons can donate actual food items so that we can ensure that we can continue to serve breakfast at our various centres across the island,” she indicated.
Griffith also revealed that at present there are eight centres, including the Association’s Deacons Farm headquarters where the children receive breakfast. Her comments came as she explained that their hope of introducing a much-needed ninth satellite centre in the North of the island has so far been thwarted, also as a result of low finances.
In an interview earlier this year with The Barbados Advocate, the YWCA head explained that in respect of a centre in the North, not only would they require the food items to prepare the meals, but a location that can house a kitchen and meet any other requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Health. Despite the challenges, she maintained they have not given up on that plan, and believe that if they receive support, it is still a viable option.
Moreover, she is also hopeful that in the coming weeks, generous contributions will come their way to ensure the longevity of the Breakfast Programme. (JRT)

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