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Devonté Skinner-Bourne was all smiles.

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Risa Lowe, Zakariyya Nana were Top Students this year at Westbury Primary School.

Westbury graduates encouraged to GROW


Within a school year that was packed with school activities, as stated by Principal Rosalind Gittens, students of Class four at Westbury Primary School have persevered to the very end, and are now anticipating their arrival at their new schools following their graduation.
However, while this stage in their lives is complete, they are being encouraged by featured speaker, Bishop Derek Ward, to grow even farther. Putting his address in an easy way for the students to relate, Bishop Ward outlined what each letter in the word, grow stood for.
“G”, he said, stands for “Goals”, goals which ought to be set by the students in a “SMART” (specific, measurable, attainable, real and timely) manner. Additionally, he stated that they ought to be in touch with reality (“R”) so that they may be aware of what is required of them, as they work towards success. Thirdly, “O” meant that the students have to explore all of their options so that they may know that the options they have are worthwhile and lastly for “W” – they ought to have willpower. Highlighting that human beings are made up of intellect, emotions and willpower, Bishop Ward explained, that it is the latter that decides what they will or will not do.
This growth, according to Bishop Ward, will truly be necessary if the students want to be successful in their future endeavours. Furthermore, Bishop Ward reminded them that success was not a
one-day event but true success comes as a journey that should be celebrated each day. By the same token, he informed them that success is not measured by one’s bank account – because that is wealth; neither is it measured by the initials behind one’s name – because that is education; but instead it begins and ends with the legacy that one leaves. Moreover, Bishop urged the graduating class never to settle for mediocrity, so that – as their theme for graduation stated – they would aim high because the best is yet to come. 
Having received these words of encouragement, Valedictorian Zakariyya Nana, took to the podium to convey thanks to all of the parents and staff who contributed in one form or another to the success of his classmates and himself. Nana relived many fond memories during his tenure at the school and vowed to build on the foundation that was built for his graduating class.

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