General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), George Pilgrim.

General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), George Pilgrim.

Water Authority praised

The work of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA,) with relation to the handling of the recent repairs to the South Coast Sewage Project with reference to the outflows, is to be commended.  

This from General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), George Pilgrim, in a statement to the media yesterday, following action by the entity last weekend to address challenges.

“The Democratic Labour Party wishes to commend the Minister of Agriculture and Water Works, Dr. the Hon David Estwick, Dr. Brathwaithe, the chairman and the Barbados Water Authority, for the efforts in ‘burning the midnight Oil’, in ensuring the brand Barbados is intact. The response to resolve the South coast sewage project demonstrates no lack of effort on the part of the team at the BWA.

“The news of the solution to the  outflows and the diffusers  should be commended . It is laudable the efforts at restructuring of the BWA to meet the increased  requirements of our growing residential and commercial needs. The news of the new equipment, which includes the four effluent pumps, should bring some relief to the home and business owners of the south coast.

“The comments by Patricia Inniss, the new manager of the water waste division, is excellent news for all Barbados. Barbados’ efforts at maintaining its brand as a safe place for us to live and for visitors to stay, must continue to play a key role in our decisions to go viral with our message. It is clear that more can be done and the Democratic Labour Party is doing more with a lot less,” he added.


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