Wasted water

BWA suggests vandalism may be a factor in toppled tanks

INVESTIGATIONS are being conducted into the circumstances that led to community tanks lying on the ground, sending nearly 2 000 gallons of water flowing back into the earth.

In a press release issued yesterday, it was stated that the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) received reports that two of its community tanks had fallen, one in St. Joseph and the other in St. John. It was revealed that the tanks have subsequently been removed from the locations.

“A full assessment of the damage is being carried out as there is evidence of vandalism to both tanks. In the process, there was also approximately 950 gallons of water lost per tank. The Authority notes that both of these tanks were next to two Innotech tanks, which were not damaged. The Authority will be engaging the services of the RBPF to investigate the matter.”

The statement from the BWA also stated that the BWA is determined to have these tanks replaced by close of business today, Wednesday. “So that our valued customers who rely on them will not be without access to the water for a prolonged period. “

“The Barbados Water Authority remains committed to assisting its customers in all areas who may be affected by intermittent outages via water tanker or community tank as a temporary measure.”

Photos of the toppled and crumpled tanks have been circulating on social media since Monday. There have also been reports in another section of the media of a resident seeing one of the tanks expand before exploding.

The new tanks were installed around mid- December after several donations from Corporate Barbados, who stepped in following a decision to remove the tanks by Innotech. During that time there was some contention surrounding the lease of the tanks which fell under the previous administration and which many opined was at an exorbitant rate and by extension added to the millions owed by the BWA to Innotech.

During a press conference last year, BWA General Manager of the BWA Keithroy Halliday revealed that that the tanks were leased from Innotech at a cost of approximately $51,000 a month under a five-year contract.

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