Venezuela doing okay

International media and news houses have painted a troubling picture of what was happening in Venezuela, however, these reports are false.

This comment was made by David Denny, General Secretary of the Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee, during a press conference that was held at the Venezuelan Institute of Culture and Co-operation yesterday evening.

The press conference was held for Denny to speak about his experiences in Venezuela, as he would have recently visited the country for the International Assembly of the Peoples, in which he participated.

“When I left Barbados to go to Venezuela I left with a very open mind because there was a lot of media activity out there that gave the entire Caribbean region the impression that Venezuela conditions were bad and they were hungry and suffering and there was a lot of strife in Venezuela and international media; BBC, CNN, associated writers and Associated press tried to give people of the Caribbean region the impression that everything was bad in Venezuela and that they were denying help from the people of America in the form of humanitarian aid,” he said.

“However, when I arrived, I saw something totally different from what the media was painting; the conditions were completely different.”

Denny highlighted that he saw a country that was moving forward in a positive way, a country that was developing its culture and its people and creating good housing programmes for the poor and powerless.

“The international media is painting a very bad image for Venezuela but when you go and visit, you’re seeing something totally different,” he stressed.

Coming out of the International Peoples Assembly that was held in Caracas last month, Denny noted that resolutions were passed in solidarity with Venezuela. He revealed that the delegates decided on a number of activities, where they decided to organise protest action across the entire world in front of the different American Embassies as a way to show that they stood in solidarity with the people and Government of Venezuela.

He highlighted that the Venezuelan people did not, in any form, want war as they were in a position of peace, however, at the same time, he noted that they were willing to defend their revolution.

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