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Some of the those in attendance at the opening ceremony on Thursday evening.

Upgrading skills important


There is a need for persons to upgrade their skills and knowledge on a regular basis in order to keep up with the changing demands of this world and it is in recognition of this fact that this 
island’s facility for training teachers in this island continues to place emphasis on its continuing education curriculum.
Delivering the welcome and opening remarks at the opening ceremony for the Continuing Education Programme on Thursday evening at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, Acting Principal of the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, Dr. Patricia Saul, said that the general public has come to this realisation as well, and as a result, the growing demand for these programmes continues.
“We are living in a dynamic world, and knowledge is not static. Therefore, it is imperative that individuals keep upgrading their skills in order to remain current and marketable. It is for these reasons that this continuing education programme has become so popular with members of the public.”
In fact, the persons who show an interest in pursuing one or more of these courses are diverse ranging – from people who have recently completed secondary school – to those persons who are looking to change careers, she stated.
“Indeed, these programmes are accessed not only by those who maynot have successfully completed their secondary education, but also those who need to change careers, sharpen their skills in their areas of specialisation, or broaden their knowledge and skills sets.”
Some of the programmes that Erdiston has on the calendar for this academic year of 2016 to 2017 are Early Childhood Education; Introduction to Special Needs Education; Special Needs Provision; Counselling; Classroom Management; The Teaching of Reading and Mathematics; Technological Skills for the 21st Century; Planning for Instruction and Book Binding.
The College wants to ensure that they provide people with the opportunity to live a more productive life regardless of their respective station in life.
“Our selection of programmes is inspired by our recognition of the fact that adult education is concerned not with preparing people for life, but rather with helping people to live more successfully. Thus, our programme is designed to help individuals to 
increase their competence, and negotiate transitions in their social roles – whether they are workers, parents, or retirees etc. It is also intended to help them gain greater fulfilment in their personal lives, and to assist them in solving personal and community problems.”
They also are aware that human resources is this island’s greatest investment, stated the Acting Erdiston Principal. “Furthermore, as Barbadians we are cognisant of the fact that our greatest resource is our people. Hence, investment in the continuing education of our people is an investment in the future of our country.”

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