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World-renowned Motivational Speaker, Les Brown, expressed the importance of persons upgrading their skills at this time.

Upgrade your skillsets

NOW is the time to upgrade one’s skillsets.

World-renowned Motivational Speaker Les Brown gave this advice, while speaking on the need to shift business strategies in this time of COVID-19.

“COVID has moved us from butts in the seats to eyes on the screens, from breaking mortar to click and order, so this requires a different type of strategy. So now there must be a focus on giving persons the thirst and hunger to upgrade their skillsets and to find at least three areas that resonate with them that they can master and come out into the market place and be able to make an impact in the economy and live a life that will outlive them,” he stressed.

Brown was a panellist taking part in Friday’s Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Sustainable Develop-ment Movement 2020 Summit’s Fireside Chat and highlighted the importance of having and maintaining the right mindset as an individual and as a society.

“When we talk about mindset, it’s not about just telling people to think positive and to be enthusiastic and everything will end up being alright. It’s a process to change how persons see themselves, helping people to develop a mental resolve, creating a process that changes the culture that gives person’s life a sense of meaning, purpose and power, and once they have that they have a sense of direction and once their lives have a sense of direction, that allows them to create the kind of future they want for themselves. So have an ongoing process that will impact people individ-ually and collectively, a campaign to reverse the mental psyche disrepair that has happened in the past and is still happening today,” Brown said.

However, he noted that while upgrading skillsets and changing one’s mindset was important, it was also necessary to gain guidance from others.

“You cannot do it alone. You need to have someone with a trained eye that can take you to a place within yourself that you cannot go by yourself. Helping people to develop creative, collaborative, achievement driven, supportive relationships that change the culture is major to strip away what has been indoctrinated in them and to begin to allow them to give birth to who they are destined to become.

“When we change the mindset and help people see the value of working to upgrade their skillsets and create achievement driven, supportive relationships, we will have a chance to make a dent in what is going on wherever we are,” he emphasised. (JMB)

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