Transport Authority ‘surprised’ by PSV strike action

Officials at the Transport Authority have expressed surprise over the strike action taken by a number of public service vehicle (PSV) operators yesterday, ahead of a planned meeting scheduled for today, between PSV owners and drivers and officials at the Authority.

In a statement issued yesterday on the strike action by some PSV owners and drivers, Chairman of The Transport Authority, Ian Estwick said, “We are very surprised by the action taken today, as we agreed to sit down on Wednesday January 9th, 2019 to hear the operators’ issues”.

“As the regulatory body, our remit is with the permit holders. We are sensitive to the representation made to us and therefore, agreed to meet with the newly formed group. I know that at this time it’s a very emotionally charged climate with pressing issues. However, it is through listening that issues can be resolved and not through emotional responses,” Estwick continued.

He added, “We are prepared to sit and have reasoned discussions with the new group. As I have said repeatedly since assuming the chairmanship of this Board, we cannot fix overnight all the problems that have existed for decades. As a regulatory body – we do not make the laws; we issue permits based on the laws and regulations that govern the acceptance of the permits. Where there is room for us to compromise in areas that will lead to a better service, we are willing to listen and act, but at the same time, it has to be understood that we cannot and will not compromise in areas that will affect the safety and security of our travelling public and other road users.”

The Transport Authority Chairman meanwhile took the time to commend the owners/operators who did not withhold their services yesterday, as he thanked them for their support in looking after the interest of the travelling public. (RSM)

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