Transition made easy

Transitioning from primary to secondary school is often a difficult period for students and as such steps must be put in place to make this process as smooth as possible.

This is one of the major reasons behind the Ministry of Home Affairs’ ‘Winners’ Circle: Making the Right Choice’ programme, which sees Class Four primary school students attending several workshops to help them understand what is expected as they head into secondary school.

Commending the programme, which is now in its ninth cycle, Margaret Grant, President of the Barbados Association of Guidance Counsellors – which is one of the partners of the project, highlighted that the more children are settled upon entering secondary school, the better it is for everyone.

“Leaving primary school, students can have some fear and anxiety and can face numerous changes,” she said, outlining that for some children moving from being the most senior student to the most junior was often a shock.

“It is not just a physical move away from primary school, but an emotional one and if the emotional separation is not done seamlessly, you will find then when they get into secondary school, they will not settle and that is one of the reasons why as counsellors we find it critical to be involved in this programme,” she added.

Addressing the press launch of the programme last Thursday at the ministry’s Wildey office, Grant stressed that society must move away from the concept of ‘good school, bad school’ as this could have a psychological impact, especially in the latter case.

“The transition process must help them to overcome loneliness, shyness, how to succeed in secondary school academically, socially and emotionally and also in terms of building personal and life skill development,” she pointed out. (JMB)

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