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Chairman of the Board of Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, Dr. Sylvia Henry, wants to see more male teachers in the classrooms.

Teachers urged to keep up to date

In today’s dynamic environment, teachers must constantly modify their ways of interacting with students.

Giving this advice while addressing the orientation ceremony for the 2019/2020 cohort at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College yesterday, Principal Dr. Patricia Saul said teachers must keep up with emerging trends in education globally.

“Today’s teacher and administrator is dealing with a more diverse student population, more complex classroom environments, changing workforce demands, pervasive use of technology, and significant changes in value systems. So there is a need for us to constantly modify how we deal with our students if we really want to prepare them for the world of the future,” she added.

In a similar vein, Chairman of Erdiston’s Board Dr. Sylvia Henry reminded those gathered that receiving a first or second certificate should not be the end of learning for teachers, but should be simple pauses along the journey of being an educator.

“Teaching is more than some thing you do on the side. It is not a by-the-way job. It is a career calling. It is a profession to be taken seriously. It is a life changing career and some even say it is a mission. It is a profession that does not allow you to stagnate,” Henry shared.

During her brief remarks, the educator also made a call for more men to join the teaching service, saying while traditionally women are considered to be better suited for the role, males also make excellent teachers and are valuable role models.

She was speaking to those 272 individuals newly enrolled in the In-Service Certificate Programme for Teachers of Physical Education/ Music; Vocational Teachers’ Training Programme in Adult Education; Bachelor of Education (Primary); Diploma in Education (Primary); Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary); and the Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership programmes.

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