Past student Brian Remise (left) giving a gift of appreciation to past principal of the Bay Primary Boys’ School, Grantley Osbourne.

Past principal of the, then, Bay Primary Boys’ School, Grantley Osbourne (left), awarding the current principal of Bay Primary School, Marilon Gamble, with the Grantley Osbourne Award of Excellence.

Teacher, former principal honoured

Past principal of the then Bay Primary Boys’ School, Grantley Osbourne, was probably on cloud nine on Saturday night as his past students, of the class of 1967 had nothing but incredible things to say about the man he was.

Speaking at the tribute service, which was held at the Bay Primary School Saturday night, Current principal of Bay Primary School, Marilon Gamble, expressed how she felt honoured to be a part of the memorable occasion.

“The men we see here this evening have a story to share. A story of their teacher carrying out his daily task of providing learning experiences and how he knowingly and unknowingly shaped their lives to be who they are today; great men and leaders of this generation,” she said.

She noted that a teacher can impact the lives of their students either positively or negatively and added that from what she was witnessing on Saturday night, “Mr. Osbourne was a positive influence on many lives in this nation.”

“As current principal, I want to commend Mr. Ozzie on a job well done. You have made this school proud. You were a strong disciplinarian, but you demonstrated love and good leadership,” she said.

Former Chief Education Officer, Ralph Boyce, expressed that he was pleased to be hearing such amazing testimonies from the past students and noted that he hoped that more men in particular would take the time to say “thank you” to their teachers.

“In his principal capacity, Osbourne was a great head principal, in fact, he had a reputation of being a highly professional principal and he demonstrated his professionalism in everything that he did,” he said.

Boyce recalled an incident where Osbourne came up with a common entrance project where he sourced funding and did most of the teaching himself and expressed how impressed he was when he visited one time and saw Osbourne in action.

Every person that attended the tribute service had something encouraging to say about Osbourne and it was clear that he was a well respected individual.

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