Andrew Glasgow, President of the Branch, as he was interviewed by media.

St. Philip South launches awareness programme

Bid to remind landowners to take responsibility for cleaning their own spaces

Yesterday morning, members of the St. Philip South constituency erected a sign reminding people to keep their surroundings clean.

This signalled the launch of a series of initiatives intended to address the poor environment conditions of the environs.

President of the Branch, Andrew Glasgow told media yesterday morning that they planned to move through all eight of the polling districts to erect the sign.

“We’re in Gemswick, which is one of eight districts in the constituency and we intend to move right through the constituency. This initiative, which speaks to the environment, is one where we see it fit and our intention really is to make the constituency and wider Barbados as clean as possible,” he said.

“This initiative goes further, as we intend to go into the schools with the permission of the Minister of Education, where we have an essay competition allowing the children to write on the environment and they will be given prizes as well.”

St. Philip South MP, Indar Weir stated that while he campaigned St. Philip South, he promised to take a serious approach to how they kept the environment clean.

He stated that he was of the view that if they could get people to participate in owning their spaces, then they would be able to break the first part of the mould that surrounds people, which is ignoring the importance of how vital the environment is.

He believed that the best place to lead a charge like that was to begin with young people. He explained that the reason for establishing an essay competition for the schools was to create a consciousness in the children and give them the chance to advise Government on ways to keep the environment clean.

He stated that erecting the signs throughout the constituency was the first phase in creating awareness.

“We then get schools involved and then we ramp up to the other part of the entire programme where we start to get the entire community involved,” he said.

Once the entire community is involved in the campaign, Weir said that they would then look to establish the recycling programme.

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