St. Nicholas Abbey Project wins award

Last Saturday night was truly a treat for the project leaders of the St. Nicholas Abbey Railroad Project as the team leaders won the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers-TMR Award of Excellence in Engineering for 2018.

Project leader Larry Warren, collected the award from Minister of Transport, Work and Maintenance, Dr. William Duguid, and expressed that he believed it was truly an honour to have received the prestigious award.

Warren revealed that the idea behind St. Nicholas Abbey Heritage Railroad Project was the brainchild of his son, Simon Warren and stated that the project was inspiring as it transformed St. Nicholas in a tremendous way.

He explained that the idea behind the project was born as they were seeking to create an alternative to the sun, sea and sand and integrating Barbados’ cultural heritage into our tourism.

“The railway is another extension of that as it improves on the family experience,” he said.

“I would like to recognise Kerry Knight, who was the project engineer and together with INFRA they created what started out looking like a real nightmare but then turned into a pleasing and beautiful transformation of a landscape.”

He proudly announced that with how work was going, they were anticipating opening the Railroad January 21st, and that they were now taking bookings for that date. He added that the mile long track weaved through the mahogany trees in St. Peter, and allowed for locals and visitors alike to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

After hearing the work that was undertaken, it was clear that the award, which was created by BAPE President Lieutenant Trevor Bourne, was doing its part in inspiring engineers to create outstanding projects in Barbados.

Upon hearing the project explained and how much work was put into creating the project, Minister Duguid, expressed that he was indeed pleased by the project.

Duguid, who was clearly impressed by the project, added that the Ministry of Transport, Work and Maintenance would continue to help the engineers of BAPE develop, as he believed that engineers played an important role in creating a resilient Barbados.

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