Members of St. Giles PTA with the Mosquito Barriers.

Members of St. Giles PTA with the Mosquito Barriers.

St. Giles fighting Zika

ST. GILES PRIMARY School would like to say thank you to H. Jason Jones. This heartfelt sentiment comes from the entire family at the school. Due to a kind and timely donation of Mosquito Barrier by H. Jason Jones, the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) was able to launch an attack on the Zika virus.

The PTA was able to spray the entire school, in an effort to repel the dreaded Aedes Aegypti Mosquito and to safeguard the auxiliary and teaching staff, as well as the student body. The school has a roll of 451 students.

The exercise was incorporated as part of the monthly PTA meeting held on Wednesday,  February 10th. Parents meticulously made light work of ensuring the twenty-one (21) class rooms, the Principal’s office, the staff room, the school meals serving area and guard hut were covered by the natural based Mosquito Barrier.

The barrier is 99 per cent garlic, making it environmentally friendly.

The PTA plans to follow-up with periodic spraying, so that students, teachers and auxiliary staff can feel relatively comfortable, mentally and physically, in the environment where they spend most of their day.

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