Solar voltaic system installed at SJPI

Installed under Government’s Public Sector Smart Energy Programme

Government continues with its drive of making Barbados fully carbon neutral by 2030 as the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology (SJPI) has been added to the list of public buildings with solar voltaic systems.

“The estimated energy which will be produced from this system is over 200,000 KWh per year with an estimated revenue earning potential of $85,000 per year and was installed under government’s Public Sector Smart Energy Programme,” indicated Minister of Energy and Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony for the 109 Kilowatt solar voltaic system at the Institute yesterday afternoon, he stated that while the project was deemed ambitious when conceptualised, was given a target of 1.14 MW of solar PV to be installed.

According to the minister however, to date, the combined energy production from the installed systems under this project is a 2.486 MWh with estimated revenue earnings of BBD $2 million per year and growing.

He extended his thanks to the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Union for the BDS $50 million provided in grants and loans for the programme.

“With specific reference to the solar PV installation on government buildings, the contract was awarded via public and international tender to Solar Watt Systems Inc. at a cost of BBD $9.6 million for 2.4 MW with the work allocated to the company for installation in lots with total installations on 16 government buildings. This system at SJPI was the one of the first systems to be completed and we are pleased to know that its commissioning coincides with the 50th anniversary celebrations of the SJPI,” Abrahams added.

The Minister also highlighted the need for more investors in renewable energy, stating “As a ministry we also acknowledge the critical role that legislation and regulation must play in the equitable distribution of wealth from the sector, along with the need to ensure we provide clear market signals for investors.”

“We cannot do it alone. Our ministry is working assiduously with our stakeholders including the regulator, the utility and other organisations to develop as progressive an energy space as we can conceptualise at this time,” he stated. (JMB)

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