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Socatology, established as ‘key brand’, says Culture Minister


Socatology is a good opportunity and a good brand. 
“It is a production which stimulates economic activity and allows artistes to earn revenue and income whilst giving Barbadians a sense of how their artistes are doing,” according to Minister Steven Lashley, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports.
Lashley told The Barbados Advocate on Saturday night whilst taking in the Socatology 2016 production, “We are poised to have one of the biggest Crop Over festivals in 2016, so Socatology is a good production ahead of that.”
He pointed out “Socatology has established itself as a ‘key brand.’ It is the perfect opportunity for the Easter weekend for persons to relax and let their hair down, myself included.”
“As Minister it is a great opportunity to be here at this production, not only to the artistes but persons who want to give their views on ways we can make certain events better.”
Lashley extended a warm congratulations to the promotors of the recent Socotology 2016 show. He noted, “It represents an effort by the private sector to continue to present to the Barbadian audience creativity which is important to artists even outside of Crop Over but also to prep the audience for a festival such as Crop Over. 
He added, “Often times there is an expectation that much of the areas to be led in culture and the creativity sector should be done by government but events such as Socotology creates an opportunity to ensure our private promoters recognize there is a role for them to play and they have recognized that and are doing it well. I extend warm congratulations to the promoters for putting on excellent shows over the years.”

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