The Child Care Board was one of the organisations represented by students on the Walk.

The Child Care Board was one of the organisations represented by students on the Walk.

SMS students walk for a good cause


Four worthwhile organisations were highlighted yesterday when students of The St. Michael School took to the streets during their inaugural ‘Walk For A Cause’.
The activity is part of the school’s ‘New Start’ programme and involved the entire student body as well teaching and auxiliary staff. The group, dressed in their respective House colours, moved off from the educational institution’s Martindales Road, St. Michael location travelling along Taylor’s Avenue, George Street, Belmont Road, along Tweedside Road to Crumpton Street before returning to the school.
Each house represented one of the following organisations – the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Cancer Support Services, The Child Care Board and National Council of Substance Abuse (NSCA).
Co-ordinator of the event and teacher at the school, Veronica Lovell-Grandison shared with The Barbados Advocate the reason for the event. 
“The St. Michael School has declared this year as a Year of Health, because we realised that our students are not as healthy as they should be. As a matter of fact, not just our students, but the nation’s students are not as healthy as they are supposed to be and in an effort to do that [bring about change] we have initiated a protocol called, ‘New Start’ to educate our students in the possible ways they can become more healthy,” she explained.
Lovell-Grandison added that the programme has been embraced by most of the students of the school and during the day’s event pupils were able to obtain points for their Caribbean Certificate for Secondary Level Competencies (CCSLC). She also said the programme, which centred on nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest and trust in divine power, should be adopted at other schools across the island. 
Following the Walk, students participated in a Health Expo involving 15 organisations including Earth Mother Botanials, Cancer Support Service and National Council for Substance Abuse. There was also an opportunity for them to have some health checks done during the Expo.

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