Several community projects coming to St. Michael South Constituency

Several community projects are set to come on stream for the St. Michael South Constituency.

Member of Parliament for the area and Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Humphrey highlighted that one would be geared towards expanding the horizons of many of the the children.

Using his own childhood living in the Pine as an example, he noted that children should be exposed to new things in order to find new interests and opportunities.

“We will have programmes on weekends to allow children experience different things. Some of you may see me sending invitations for your children to play golf, do not scoff at it! Or I may want to take your children to swimming, don’t scoff at it! Or to piano lessons and I am already talking to these people, because if I can get your children on weekends doing things that will positively occupy them, they have less time to be engaging in things that will pull them down,” he noted.

He made the comments while at the Bonnetts Resource Centre on Saturday for a presentation entitled ‘New Horizons, Unlimited Possibilities’ for those students in the community who recently set the Common Entrance Examination.

“You must never forget who you are but must never let what your conditions are define all that you are either. I believe in this room that we have children who are potentially doctors, lawyers and teachers, but if you do not want to be these and you want to be a mechanic, a singer or a fisherman that is okay too. In fact most of the innovation in the world is not occurring with doctors or lawyers but occurring among technical people. People who are changing the world do not have to have PhDs. You only have to see a problem determine that you want to fix it and do so,” he said.

Stressing that society was now out of order, as some children were “behaving as they like on school buses and circulating videos that they should not”, he noted, “We have to develop structured programmes in St. Michael South to help bring some order back.”

In addition, he stated that there will be a recycling project to address the garbage situation, insisting that all residents must take care of the community. (JMB)

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