Opposition Leader, Joseph Atherley (at left) as he introduced his second nominee, Crystal Drakes.

Second senator selected by Opposition

Leader of the Opposition Joseph Atherley has named his nominee for second opposition senator. She is Crystal Drakes, who is set to be sworn in Monday afternoon.

Speaking with the media during a press briefing, which was held in the Opposition’s office yesterday morning, Bishop Atherley introduced Drakes as his proposed second appointee to the Senate of Barbados.

“I have so advised Her Excellency appropriately and I refer to Miss Crystal Drakes as the voice of the fairer sex and the future,” he said.

“Drakes is an economist by profession. She is 30 years old, so she represents the voice of the youth and the future. She will serve as the second appointee as the independent voice of the Opposition. She will also serve as my advisor in some respects on economic matters and trade matters.”

Drakes expressed that she was deeply humbled and honoured to be suggested for this post.

“Professionally, as Bishop Atherley stated, I am a trained economist and foresight strategist and I currently work at the UWI Cave Hill Campus at the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies. Previously and concurrently I worked in development agencies such as the IDB and Commonwealth,” she said.

“I must say that I have worked diligently and tirelessly in a private capacity and I now get to do this in the public eye and I will give nothing less to this position and we have all agreed on the Opposition side that we will be independent voices.”

Given her background, Drakes confidently expressed that she will give an objective and critical eye to the matters and proceedings at hand when they arise.

“I just want to assure the public that anything that I do here on out would be in the best interest of persons in Barbados,” she said.

“And I am happily ready and willing to serve the people of this country.”

Since Drakes was yet to be officially sworn in she refrained from making any formal statements regarding the Government’s recent meeting with the IMF. However, she believed that with the new Government, they would be able to have healthy debates going forward.

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