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President of the Cancer Support Services, Henderson Griffith.

Screening important, says CSS president

Being screened and getting tests done regularly are important.

This sentiment is being stressed by President of the Cancer Support Services (CSS), Henderson Griffith. During an interview with The Barbados Advocate yesterday morning, Griffith highlighted that data showed that colon cancer was ranked third on the lists of cancers that directly affected Barbadians, and since colon cancer was one that was not easily detected until it was too late, he believes it is important for persons to be tested regularly.

Yesterday, the Cancer Support Services hosted a Colon Cancer Screening event at their new headquarters in an effort to continue to raise awareness on the importance of regular testing.

“This morning we had 20 people come in so far to be tested and we were able to give away the first 10 free tests that we advertised,” he said.

“It has been proven that screening saves lives, following instructions saves lives. And unfortunately, you would find that more men have the tendency to succumb to this cancer than women and to me it’s because men don’t like to be checked. So I try to emphasise the importance of screening and getting these tests done.”

Griffith stressed that the CSS was going to keep hosting events such as yesterday’s until persons understood the importance of getting screened.

In his presentation, Griffith highlighted that the data showed that colon cancer was one of the cancers that affected Barbadians.

“The numbers are there. We just need to get it out to the public and educate them. That’s really what this is all about, educating and getting the community to do regular checks and things done and then following the doctor's orders when they get checked,” he said.

He went on to note that 50 was the age persons would go in to get tested for such a cancer, however, the number of persons who were younger than 50 years old developing colon cancer was increasing.

It is against this backdrop that Griffith is urging persons to take their “medical situations in their own hands” and get screened regularly, because when you start to notice the symptoms of colon cancer, it may be too late. (CLF)

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