DLP Candidate for St. Michael East, Nicholas Alleyne.

Safety of citizens critical

We must do everything possible to protect the citizens of this country!

This is the call of Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Candidate Nicholas Alleyne as he addressed the DLP’s Political Meeting held at the St. Michael School on Sunday night.

“Barbadians must feel safe in their homes and while walking the streets. They want to see their children protected from the violent, deviant behaviour of some predictors among us,” Alleyne said.

“I will like also to stress that victims’ rights are just as or more important than the rights of these criminal elements; that justice must be fair and swift and that whilst I understand and will lend support to the retooling and the reintegration of offenders into society, there must be penalties harsh enough to fit the crime,” he added.

The DLP candidate for the St. Michael East seat will face incumbent Barbados Labour Party MP, Trevor Prescod, who won the seat in 2013 from the DLP’s Kenny Best.

He also shared with the large crowd of DLP supporters that he has been through the constituency listening to concerns relating to the economy, education, crime, the state of roads, inadequate housing and lack of water in some areas.

“On the question of the state of the roads, inadequate housing and lack of water in some areas, I have already made representation to the relevant ministries and have been assured that these issues are being addressed. We have already identified roads to be repaired under the new Roads Work Programme; some of these roads are Break Neck Hill, St. Barnabas, and Roberts Road. Several houses have also already been identified for repairs in the constituency with the view of assisting the elderly and most vulnerable families in St. Michael East,” he highlighted.

The employee of Barbados Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union who is currently a Credit underwriter also declared that his profession has provided him with a unique sense of perspective of all the challenges and concerns that his
constituents face.

“When elected, I will be duty bound to make sure that the issues and challenges are fully vented and acted upon in this country,” he said.

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