Incoming Commandant of the Regional Police Training Centre, Superintendent John Maxwell presenting the certificate to Police Constable Reynold Brathwaite.

RPTC in need of urgent improvements

Improvements need to be made at the Regional Police Training Centre (RPTC).

Outgoing Commandant, Sylvester Louis said one of the areas is an urgent need for training facilities devoted to senior law enforcement officers.

“While we have done well in our training efforts within our own limitations of space and equipment here at the Regional Police Training Centre, the view must not be held that we can continue to remain current and viable in our present circumstances. There is therefore an urgent need ladies and gentlemen for dedicated training facilities within this environment to accommodate senior law enforcement officers in the pursuit of further development of their careers”

He said the Centre needed “at least ten apartments that can house at least two persons per room for the training of senior officers.” He said he has already started the process and he challenged incoming Commandant, John Maxwell to continue it.

Louis was at the time addressing last Friday’s joint closing ceremony for the Court Prosecutors’ Course and Enhanced Constables’ Development Course at the RPTC.

He outlined as another area for improvement the upgrading of facilities to accommodate students in-class use of electronic devices. He expressed a hope that within his lifetime “the RPTC will realise and further upgrade its facilities in order for learning to become more conducive and compatible for students’ attendance here.”

“No longer are officers coming to training with a book and a pen. They are coming with laptops and other recording equipment for the storage of information, important information for future reference. This in itself presents a challenge to the management of our facilities as presently we are not equipped enough to facilitate this developing.”

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