New Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) Chairman Roseanne Myers (second from left) engaging The Barbados Advocate’s Sales Director, Sandra Clarke in conversation, during a courtesy call, while BHTA CEO, Sue Springer and News Editor of The Barbados Advocate, Dorian Bryan, look on.

Roseanne Myers makes history


Part of the agenda of the new Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) Chairman, Roseanne Myers is to ensure that the organisation continues to grow from strength to strength.
That was one of the points made by the new BHTA head during a courtesy call made to The Barbados Advocate on Monday. Myers maintained that her elevation represented the first time that a non-hotelier is in that position. She made a similar point at the BCCI’s recent AGM. Myers is the General Manager of Atlantis Submarines. “Is it however novel that a tourism practitioner should be able to assume the leadership of a tourism association in an industry that has been long about more than just hotels? It certainly is not because we have suddenly become more capable or more suitable than before, but we have now become eligible under the constitution. The former two were never in question. The Association can now move forward to attract the best talent possible to lead and to articulate issues of common interest to all and of specific interest to some where appropriate,” she explained.
The new BHTA Chairman stated that the association is pushing ahead with addressing the public perception of the critical sector and showcasing the contribution of it. To that end, she focused on several key pillars on that front which included deeper engagement within the membership, institutional strengthening, research and development. 
“We are a pivotal player in determining the economic fortunes of this island so we cannot move with malaise and apathy. At this juncture, as we turn the corner after the worst recession in our history, in order to further invigorate the economy, we ourselves must be invigorated.” She also mentioned re-examining the processes employed and bring to full fruition the benefits of the incentives {concessions} given by the government.
Also mentioned were the BWU agreement and issues within the Employment Rights Act and the Shops Act which have to be ironed out. 
Myers was joined on the visit by BHTA CEO, Sue Springer and Kathy-Ann Gilkes of Al Hart PR Inc. 

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