Acting Chief Geologist, Jamal Gill.

Minister of Energy and Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams presented Blake Belgrave, who placed third in the Ministry’s Schools’ Colouring Competition with a Samsung tablet and science books, but announced that the quiet, well-mannered child will also receive a special prize of a laptop. His former teacher Troy Herbert looks on.

Renewable Energy push

Good Shepherd Primary School will not be left behind as Barbados pushes to achieve 100 per cent renewable energy.

Impressed with the Fitts Village, St. James School, Minister of Energy and Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams announced that his Ministry will look into undertaking a renewable energy project there. 

He was at the time addressing yesterday’s prize-giving ceremony for seven-year-old Blake Belgrave, who placed third in the Ministry’s Schools’ Colouring Competition, held in November 2018. 

“I have spoken to my Permanent Secretary and we are going to find a special Renewable Energy project to do right here at Good Shepherd to benefit the school and its students. We don’t have it in our programme, but we love what we have seen here. We like the spirit in the school and we are going to do something special for Good Shepherd Primary School,” he said.

During the interactive session, Minister Abrahams explained why it is important that the island powers itself entirely with renewable energy. He also encouraged the teachers to get more of their students involved in such competitions as they come around. 
He further stressed, “All of you have a chance to try to make Barbados better. I want Good Shepherd to be at the front of every schools’ competition. If it’s about energy, I want you to write about your vision for energy in the future. If it’s about agriculture, water, or tourism – I want you to write about your vision for these sectors in the future.”  

As part of its Energy Month celebrations, the Ministry coordinated two competitions to help create an awareness of renewable energy and energy efficient practices in young children. The first was a colouring competition for children aged five to seven, and the second, an essay competition for children eight to 11 years.

Acting Chief Geologist, Jamal Gill revealed that over 152 entries were received for the colouring competition, with over 20 of those coming from Good Shepherd.

“We set a goal to achieve 100 per cent renewable in Barbados by 2030 and we are working very hard at the Ministry to achieve that goal, to provide a better environment for you; a better energy sector so you can have a clean environment to grow,” he told students.

“Since we are focused on renewable energy, we have to incorporate you the students. We need you to participate in the renewable energy sector; we need you growing up to bring new ideas, smart ideas and be innovative to help us to our renewable energy goals”. (TL)

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