Recognising World Diabetes Day vital


The month of November brings the celebration of the 50th Anniversary that Barbados celebrates its Independence, however, it is also recognised worldwide as Diabetes Month. 
Speaking at the launch of the Massy “Life with Purpose” week of events recently at The Maria Holder Diabetes Centre, President of the Diabetes Association of Barbados (DAB), Noreen Merritt noted that “governments, non-governmental organisations and private businesses are encouraged to increase awareness of the disease, particularly among the general population and the media.”
She added that “Unfortunately up to this day, people don’t believe that children get diabetes, and it’s still associated with the fat, black, elderly females.”
She suggested that government could raise this awareness through activities like sporting events, free screenings for diabetes and its complications, public information meetings, press conferences, newspaper and magazine articles, diabetes workshops, walks, runs or political events.
She explained that by supporting this year’s walk and run event, which is scheduled to be held November 6th, along with the other activities in observance of World Diabetes Day, persons help the DAB and The Maria Holder Diabetes Centre educate the public about health risks, get new ideas, information, and resources on health topics of information, contact the sponsoring organisation to request outreach materials and information.
Merritt explained that November 14 is recognised as World Diabetes Day and that the logo, which is a blue circle, symbolises life and health as well as signifies the unity of the global diabetes community in response to the diabetes pandemic. The president noted that the theme this year is “Eyes on Diabetes” and focuses not only on creating awareness in the world but also keeping an eye on the disease as well as noting the preventable courses that can be taken. 
She said that the occasion aims to raise awareness of diabetes and the complications and care that people with the condition need as it is an annual, global awareness campaign of the diabetes world. (CLF)

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