Professor Barriteau welcomes exhibition

Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Professor Eudine Barriteau believes that the German Energy Transition Travelling Exhibition “Germany’s Energiewende” represents a remarkable window to the future of energy.
The exhibition, which will be housed on Campus for the next week, was officially opened on Monday night.

The exhibition is a timeline describing the evolution of German energy policy since the 1970s, presenting milestones and core issues at interactive stations. It also describes how Germany is meeting its international responsibilities with regard to sustainability, and outlines the impact the energy transition will have in shaping a future-oriented and innovation-based economy, whilst campaigning for strong international cooperation towards achieving a global Energiewende.

According to the Principal, “It captures our imagination about this region’s prospects for an enhanced adaptation of sustainable or renewable energy, and harnesses our hope for greater energy efficiency for our Caribbean societies that are so heavily reliant on fossil fuels.”

Educating the region about alternative energy and energy efficiency, UWI has implemented several energy efficiency initiatives to position the Campus as a demonstrable hub for renewable energy in action, and to further its mission of transforming Cave Hill into a technologically-driven Smart Campus for the 21st century.

Professor Barriteau noted that they have collaborated with several universities and institutions to build capacity for the transfer and exploitation of innovative solutions and modern technologies for enhanced energy access and efficiency in the Caribbean.

“I find it most fitting, therefore, that the chosen venue for locating this energy exhibition in Barbados is right here at Cave Hill campus – perhaps the country’s epicentre of renewable energy in action,” she expressed.

“It is my fervent wish that many students take this opportunity to view the exhibition and to become familiar with the wider campus grounds in preparation for their enrolment here in the coming years.”

Noting that the exhibition highlights Germany’s transition to sustainable energy by 2050, Professor Barriteau said she found this a source of encouragement for this region since it is highly anticipated that by the middle of this century, Caribbean societies, also, will be well on their way to becoming self-sufficient in renewable energies through appropriately adjusted and regulated energy policies.

“I am sure that our German associates will find themselves quite at home in collaborating with us on this exhibition. Partnering with German scientists is not new to Cave Hill. We are renowned for our scientific partnerships across the global tertiary education landscape. These collaborations are all part of our aggressive internationalization policy that embraces an internationally-focused curriculum, university exchange visits for faculty, staff and students as well as other academic activity,” she indicated. (TL)

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