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From left to right: Parent, Errol Griffith; Artistic Director of Praise Academy of Dance and Principal of the Caribbean School of the Arts, Marcia Weekes and Teacher, Terry Hall.

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From left to right: Tara Parris, Liandra Alleyne and Jianna Fagon who obtained Grade 2 in CAPE Performing Arts Unit 2 (Dance) in addition to Dominique Small and Josh-Dayo Weekes who obtained Grade 2 in CAPE Performing Arts (Cinematic Arts).

Praiseworthy students

Students of the Praise of Academy of Dance have been highly commended for their outstanding performance and for making the Caribbean Examination Council’s (CXC) 2019 CAPE Regional Merit Lists.

This occurred during Friday’s press conference at the registered charity’s new home at SIFA House, Collymore Rock, St. Michael.

At this event, it was stated that in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Performing Arts Unit 2 (Dance), five students were listed among the top 10 in the region. Meanwhile, four students were listed in the top 10 in CAPE Performing Arts Unit 2 (Cinematic Arts).

Artistic Director of Praise Academy of Dance, Marcia Weekes, said she was delighted about the results the nine students obtained. She was especially pleased that students Jianna Fagon, who is 14 years old, and Dominique Small, also 14 years old, got the second highest mark in the region in CAPE Performing Arts Unit 2 (Dance) and CAPE Performing Arts Unit 2 (Cinematic Arts) respectively. They both attend The St. Michael School.

“When we started whole this journey seven years ago to start offering CXC classes at our art school, everybody thought, ‘what you are doing?’ We are supposed to dance and do acting etc. but it was always a dream of ours to have our children be as well-rounded as possible and it is very important for us.”

She added, “While we want to develop your artistic skill, we want to be able to also encourage that business part of your brain so that you are able to put the two things together.”

Weekes further revealed that from this past September, the Praise of Academy of Dance has been offering CXC and CAPE subjects in the areas of the arts and business through its newly formed arm, Caribbean School of the Arts. The Principal stated interested persons of any age can register to undertake studies there in dance, entrepreneurship, film making, Cinematic Arts, Theatre Arts, Accounts and Mathematics.

“We want to use the opportunity to encourage Barbados. We want to encourage our young people. We want to encourage those who feel they need a second chance, that listen this is a place for you. We have small class sizes and it is an opportunity, we will work with you. In our group, we have people who left school a long time and we have those who are currently in school. It is for everyone.” (MG)

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