Consultant at the Ministry of Tourism and Chairman of the Planning Committee, Hugh Foster, speaking to the media about where the sun symbol will be embedded in the pavement in front of Rihanna’s former home.


Westbury residents support new name for road

Consultant with the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, Hugh Foster, says residents of Westbury New Road have been supportive of the decision to officially rename the area.

He made the comment to the media during yesterday’s site visit to the St. Michael district. This visit comes ahead of Thursday’s official renaming ceremony of the area to the Rihanna Drive, in honour of renowned singer, songwriter and actress, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, who formerly lived there. This is an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport.

“The response from residents has been incredible; it has been fantastic... They are very, very excited. They are very, very proud of course, of Rihanna and they have given us all the co-operation we asked for. We haven’t had one stumbling block down here.”

Foster also said the “Take A Bow” singer and her management team have been “very, very involved” and “very co-operative” in the planning of the November 30 ceremony. Preparation for it commenced in late September.

“A lot of work went into doing this as you can appreciate and we have been working very hard, and we are nearing the finishing line,” the Chairman of the Planning Committee noted.

Foster told the media that the Independence Day event will be broadcast live on television. The two-hour ceremony will also see the involvement of students from two of Rihanna’s alma maters – Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School and the Combermere School.

The day’s entertainment package will additionally comprise performances by Nikita Browne, Trinity Clarke and the Westbury Primary School. (MG)

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