Pilgrim: Unemployment policies working

THE latest unemployment data points to a positive response to policies initiated by the Freundel Stuart led Administration.

This is according to George Pilgrim, General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), as he responded to the Barbados Statistical Service unemployment figures for the first-quarter of 2016, of 9.3 per cent.

“It cannot be wrong to admit that policies are working, and thus the team should be congratulated for putting in the work… We are not out of the woods, but progress is progress. Barbados and its people have made progress,” he stressed.

Recalling that unemployment for the third-quarter of 2015 stood at 11.3 per cent, and at 10.2 per cent for the fourth-quarter of 2015, Pilgrim stated, “The data indicates a consistent trending down in the rate of unemployment, which reflects sustained efforts at restructuring and increasing the efficiencies in our economy.”

However, yesterday in a press release, he noted that this recent announcement of 9.3 percent was viewed with suspicion and bastardised.

“The recent attempts to cast doubt on the reporting of state agencies has once again thrown up what some newspaper columnist now refer to as Politics of Desperation. The repeated attempts to neutralise and debunk reports coming out of the Barbados Statistical Service is certainly Politics of Desperation.”

“In response, all have commented and some have even taken to the pen to spin this latest report out of the Barbados Statistical Service…

“When the figure was in double digits, there were activities, meetings in schools, press conferences, marches and even the Council met in Roebuck Street accepting the figures as fact. In the face of scientific findings, in the face of the state agency’s unbiased, tried, tested and accepted methodologies, the Opposition and its network of operatives are now opposing – true Politics of Desperation,” he stated.

Pilgrim added that Barbadians should be praised and thanked for having faith in this government.

“Barbados, despite what some may attempt to say, is working and open for business.” (TL)

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