Pilgrim questions timing of march

A POWER-wielding strategy.

That’s how General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party, George Pilgrim, describes the “march for justice” planned by the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) on Thursday afternoon.
In a statement issued yesterday, Pilgrim questioned the timing of the most recent actions by the BLP, and predicts that Barbadians will see more of the same during the pre-election period. Pilgrim believes that concerted attempts are being made to make the country “ungovernable”.
The general secretary condemned the “’premeditated” march, which he says comes under the guise of justice and which should therefore be viewed with suspicion since the country is emerging from a period of ill health to one of recovery.
“Attempts to disrupt the period of convalesce of a patient by anybody cannot be described as caring. All attempts at this course of action can severely undermine ongoing recovery efforts. We felt the impact of the crisis as our main trading partners USA, Canada and the UK endured their part of the economic stomach pains that resulted in dislocation.
“Our small open economy has taken a beating from the vagaries of the worst financial crisis known to man and yet, as an island state, we have navigated those waters by attempting to stabilise and grow our economy while seeking to maintain a strong social safety net.
“The idea of a march within this context can only be interpreted as a political, power-wielding strategy aimed not at creating awareness of any particular flaw in the economic recovery agenda of Barbados, but the engagement of part of a lengthy political agenda over the next 19 months.”
To this end, he says Barbadians should view this march with suspicion, suggesting that its intentions are fuelled by a group within the BLP.
“Barbadians should be wary of an organisation which has only now discovered their origins after producing three Prime Ministers and holding Office for close to a quarter of a century. No Covenant of Hope can restore integrity in leadership that cannot be trusted by its own.
“I am predicting that over the next 19 months, this country will witness a convergence of activities under the banner of justice which carries a potent, political message which produces nothing but fear and noise among a people destined for great things.”
The general secretary encouraged Barbados to “reflect, reclaim and retain” what has made and continues to define the country over the past five decades.

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