Chief Fire Officer, Errol Maynard (left) pinning Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Henderson Patrick with his instruments to indicate his newly appointed post.

Patrick appointed new deputy fire chief

Henderson Patrick was appointed as the new Deputy Fire Chief of the Fire Service yesterday morning during a brief ceremony, which was held at the Fire Station headquarters in Bridgetown.

Based on the accolades that were showered upon him by the Chief Fire Officer, Errol Maynard, it was clear that the title of Deputy Fire Chief Officer was one that Patrick truly deserved.

“His journey is one that is filled with hard work, dedication and a commitment to the profession that he likes,” Maynard said.

“He went from leading officer to station officer; and now he is moving from station officer to deputy chief officer. This is testimony to the quality of person and the hard work and dedication that he has given to this department.”

To Patrick, Maynard encouraged him to keep the excellent work up and expressed that it was truly his honour to present him with the instruments that elevated him to the post of deputy chief officer.

The newly appointed Deputy Chief expressed his gratitude to the Lord for allowing him to achieve everything that he achieved today and thanked his colleagues for their outstanding team work. He called for the help of every member of the fire service in order to ensure that the team continues to be the well-oiled machine that it is.

“Some people say it’s hard for a leopard to change its [spots] and I want to consider myself as the leopard in that situation. It doesn’t mean that I’m averse to change, but I want to assure you that the same person that I have been in the Fire Service for 32 years and you have known me to be, that with the help of God, I will be able to remain that type of person in terms of behaviour and attitude,” he said.

Throughout his 32 years in the Fire Service, Patrick experienced opportunities to work at many different fire stations throughout the island and he has not regretted one day of his job. In fact, he expressed that the course of life throughout the Fire Service has always been one of service, due to the fact that he always had something to do each day.

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