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Assistant Pastor at the Whitepark Wesleyan Holiness Church, Rev. Samuel Chandler.

Pastor: Choose light over darkness

Barbadians have been reminded to make a wise choice by choosing good over evil, even as the Lenten Season comes to a climax.

Assistant Pastor at the Whitepark Wesleyan Holiness Church, Rev. Samuel Chandler issued the timely reminder as the church held its Community Midday Devotional Lenten Service yesterday, under the theme “Master, Is It I”?

Making key reference to the biblical story of the betrayal of Jesus by one of his twelve disciples, Judas Iscariot, ahead of his crucifixion, Rev. Chandler noted that we can never use God for our own purposes, but instead must choose to be used by God. He stressed that under the cover of darkness, Judas went out to commit his act of betrayal and based on what we know of Judas’ end, this should serve to all and sundry as a lesson that choosing darkness over light never leads to a good outcome.

“Judas went out and it was night. It is always night when man goes from Christ to follow his own practices, or to follow his own perfidious desires. It is always night when man listens to the call of evil, rather than the summons of good. It is always night when hate puts out the light of love. It is always night when a man turns his back on Christ,” Rev. Chandler preached.

“If we submit ourselves to Christ, we walk in the light. If we turn our back on Him, we go into the dark. The way of light and the way of the dark are set before all of us. May God give us the wisdom to choose right, for in the dark, a man invariably gets lost,” the Assistant Pastor further noted during his sermonette.

During the Lenten Service which was chaired by Rev. Esther Willoughby, there were a number of congregational hymns that were sung, as well as musical selections, solos and renditions offered by representatives of businesses in the local community.
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Erwin Boyce and other key officials of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) also turned out for the service. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Eucklyn Thompson, read the scripture lesson, as found in St. Matthew 26:14-16 and 20-25.

Prayer requests were also collected during the service and Rev. Willoughby took the time to offer prayers for all gathered, including the RBPF’s officers, noting that the job of the officers as it relates to crime fighting is not easy, but there is hope. As such, she encouraged them and all gathered to put their trust in God. (RSM)

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