No supersession

Customs posts filled in accordance with Act

THE appointments of Customs Officers were done in accordance to the Recruitment and Employment Code, which forms part of the Public Service Act (2007). Therefore, the filling of a number of posts within the Customs and Excise Department were not based on those public officers’ employment history.

“The Act does not look at how many years you had,” Minister of Labour, Senator Dr. the Hon. Esther Byer-Suckoo, told members of the media, explaining that officers had to go through the process of interview.

“With the Act, it says it's not just about experience... qualifications, but you also have to do an interview so the best candidate will emerge,” she pointed out.

“However, it means, of course, that some people would have been disappointed. They would have held a position, but having gone through the process, they wouldn’t have gotten back the position.”

“What also happens, if you are holding a post temporarily and then we have made the post vacant, advertised it and filled it, as the Union had asked us to do, then when we appoint someone to that post, whoever held the post before has to revert… which is not a demotion, but you were holding a post temporarily which is now filled legally.”

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