No bed bug problem

Barbados does not have a bed-bug problem and there is no need for Barbadians to worry.

This statement was made by the acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kenneth George, during a press briefing at the Ministry of Health yesterday morning. He revealed that yesterday’s press briefing was to update the public and bring some clarity to the situation of bed bug sightings in Barbados.

In respect to the risks associated with bed bugs, George assured that bed bugs were not a vector like mosquitoes or rodents, and they are no known diseases that were transmitted by the bed bugs or bed mites.

“So although it is a public concern, bed bugs are not considered a public health problem,” he said.

“Persons are not at risk for any form of disease being spread from person to person through the bed bugs.”

George stated that the Ministry of Health and Wellness is aware that bed bugs caused some uncertainty and confusion as the bites can cause irritation, redness and in some cases, a rash, but he wanted to be clear that there are no serious medical diseases that could be transmitted via the bed bug.

He went on to note that in recent times, the Ministry of Health and Wellness had been trying to get a handle on the problem as they had 74 reported cases of infestation from 2017 to 2018.

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