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An example of the signs greeting parents at government nurseries.


Protocols have been put in place at the government nurseries as part of the island’s Covid-19 response.

Upon arrival all persons must sanitise their hands, and the clothing of all babies and toddlers will be required to be changed by parents. In addition, only one parent is permitted in the drop-off area at a time and no shoes worn outside will be allowed into the centre.

Children with coughs, runny noses, colds, fevers, skin rashes, sores and other conditions will not be granted entry into the nursery, and parents of those developing these after entry are to be contacted to have the child removed from the facilities.

Speaking to The Barbados Advocate over the weekend, one of the nursery supervisors said her facility has been visited by personnel of both the Child Care Board and the Ministry of Health, and discussions held on the precautions to be taken in light of the island’s shift from a Stage One response to Stage Two.

She stressed the protocols have been designed through collaboration with the Child Care Board and the Ministry of Health to protect the nurseries’ populations.

“These protocols are being put in place because of the novel coronavirus to help not only protect the children, but also the staff, because some of them would be considered high risk due to their medical conditions as some are diabetic, hypertensive or suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma.

“So we are asking parents [to] please abide by the new rules and please, if your child is sick or has any of these listed symptoms, do not bring them to the nursery. We understand people
have to work, but consider the risk you are placing us at if you bring them here like that during this time,” she added.

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