Independent candidate for St Joseph, Randall Rouse with some of the constituents who are supporting him.

New route for Rouse

Former DLP candidate to contest seat as Independent

RANDALL Rouse, the politician who fought for the St Joseph seat for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) three times, will be contesting the next General Election as an independent candidate.

Rouse, who lost each time he represented the DLP, made the announcement yesterday morning at his Airy Hill, St Joseph, constituency office, where he declared that he was taking this route out of frustration with the Government, as it relates to its lack of communication with the public on public matters, lack of leadership and lack of clear explanations for some of the policy decisions taken.

He said he was disappointed in the apparent anti-worker stances taken and Government’s “total refusal to accept positive economic advice even from its own economic advisors on the economy”.

“But my primary reason is because of the totally poor representation given to this constituency by the parliamentary representative, whose representation is no less than providing alcoholic beverages and giving a broad smile.

“Representation to me means providing opportunities and solutions so persons can develop themselves socially and economically. It means lobbying to have services not available but needed taken care of,” he said.

The independent candidate said if elected, his work in the constituency would include lobbying to have a fully functional health care clinic in St Joseph, the functioning of what is called a clinic at Horse Hill is not satisfactory, the building housing the clinic does not reflect its purpose and there are no guaranties for doctor’s appointments because of shared responsibilities assigned to doctors at the clinic, causing cancellation of appointments of patients.

“A fully functional clinic was originally part of design of the design of Eric Holder Complex, that part of the project was taken out and a library added in its place, even though education is essential, my view is that the review to take the clinic out of the project was a backward decision, but after looking at all the social services that was provided to this constituency. I find that they are gradually being relocated out of the constituency and yet our parliamentary representative finds it difficult to speak on these matters,” Rouse said.

Rouse said he also intends to promote economic activities to exploit the economic value, develop an elderly care programme which would provide medical monitoring to the elderly and day programs catering to them, facilitate a volunteer and mentorship programme to assist the youth, along with reinforcing community spirit through the formation of active community groups in the constituency.

“The dangerous threat posed by the condition of the bridge at Melvins Hill,” is also a concern to the independent candidate. (AH)

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