Brand Coordinator of Courtesy Garage Catherine Leslie, Mount Gay Barbados Luxury and Events Manager Rameses Browne, Pic-O-De-Crop producer Adisa ‘AJA’ Andwele, and Chief Executive Officer of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) Cranston Browne, taking a photo at Friday’s Courtesy Mount Gay Pic-O-De-Crop launch, held at Courtesy’s Wildey, St Michael location.

NCF promoting road safety message this Crop Over

WITH Barbados recording a high number of road accidents and fatalities for the year thus far, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) is leading the way in putting the serious message to Barbadians that they should not drink and drive during this Crop Over season, or any time after.

Speaking at the launch of the 2017 Courtesy Mount Gay Pic-O-De-Crop competition last Friday evening, NCF’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cranston Browne said the Foundation’s “Drive to Arrive” campaign urges drivers to reduce their speed and not to drink and drive.

“Even though you might have a bottle of Mount Gay, you need to have a designated driver and you need to ‘Drive to Arrive’. This is to safe- guard themselves and other users of the road,” he said.

“I think all Barbadians are concerned about the number of fatal accidents we have had for the year and our marketing department actually came up with the idea to create a tagline for the advertising that the NCF will be doing.

“I think we need to stress, especially to the younger generation, that they need to ‘Drive to Arrive’ to stay alive. People partying and driving home intoxicated, or tired, or both, is not good. Have a designated driver if you drive and if you drink. We need to stress that to the Barbadian public,” the CEO added.

Browne highlighted that the ‘Drive to Arrive’ logo has been appearing on all of NCF’s advertising material, and extended an invitation to other companies or event promoters to follow the lead and get involved.

“So, we would like to hear at the end of all advertisements for Crop Over, ‘Drive to Arrive’. Tag your advertisements to this message, there is no cost to it,” he said.

Embracing the CEO’s message is Mount Gay Barbados Luxury and Events Manager, Rameses Browne, who said while it is a pleasure for Mount Gay to be the official rum for the Pic-O-De-Crop competition, the company fully endorses the NCF’s ‘Drive to Arrive’ campaign.

“Never ever drink and drive because we need you to stay alive. And that is coming from my heart, and from the heart and souls of Mount Gay Rum. We are very proud to be the proud sponsor of the NCF Courtesy and Mount Gay Pic-O-De-Crop finals,” the Luxury and Events Manager added.

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