Movement aims to open centre for youth of St. Michael West

THE Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) hopes to open a youth centre in the constituency of St. Michael West should they be elected into power.

This was revealed by BIM’s Campaign Manager, Paul Rollins, during a press briefing, which took place at BNB Bar yesterday morning. Rollins, who has lived in the area for a number of years, expressed that there were no education programmes in place for the youth of that constituency.

“We have no education programme in place for the youth. We have a lot of youth on the block, not only in St. Michael West but all along the length and breadth of Barbados, sitting on the blocks that have a lot of hobbies and skills,” he said.

“We have masons and talents of all sorts. We have plumbers, carpenters and craftsmen and you go to them and ask them why they are not working and they would say because there’s no work out there for them or persons to help them get work. But what BIM will be doing is setting up an Education and Cultural Industry for the people of St. Michael West and the people of Barbados.”

He noted that they currently did not have a constituency representative who represented the people of St. Michael West. He noted that there are persons who are poor, elderly and disabled in the community, but there was no hope or help for them currently.

Additionally, he noted that the drainage system and roads in the area were in poor condition as they have roads riddled with potholes.

“We have people in St. Michael West that need assistance, but there is no assistance offered to them,” he said.

“However, the Barbados Integrity Movement is ready to give the people of St. Michael West proper representation. On becoming government, another one of the things BIM will tackle would be our transportation issue. We will come together and survey the situation and figure out workable solutions.” (CLF)

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