Minimum speed limits on highways needed


THE introduction of minimum speed limits on highways and the designation of Warrens as a town were just some of the suggestions made by Opposition MP for St. Michael North, Ronald Toppin, in the Lower House yesterday.
Speaking in the debate for the compulsory acquisition of land in Redman’s Village, he insisted that with Warrens now being home to several government agencies, two commercial banks, a mall, a mega supermarket, a major car dealership and other services, it was time to officially mark it as one of this country’s towns.
He, however, pointed out that the introduction of a police station, post office and a bus station were needed to make it complete.
Responding to the latter suggestion in his wrap-up, Transport Minister Michael Lashley said that already his department was looking at creating a substation in the Warrens area.
Emphasising that the Warrens Development Plan was progressing too slowly, Toppin also insisted Government introduce measures to reduce the traffic in the area, admitting that while it moved inside of the area easily, it still took too long to get in or out of the Warrens quickly and suggested the creation of a fly-over to ease the congestion.
In addition, Toppin requested that Government look at introducing minimum speed limits on the nation’s roads, in particular on the highway, as he explained that it affected productivity when drivers have to be stuck behind vehicles moving at slow speeds, instead of being able to get to their workplaces in a timely fashion.
“In the same way we charge persons for driving without due care and attention, driving slowly can be inconsiderate as well. The Ministry should make an amendment to legislation to address this,” he said. (JMB)

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