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Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley during her address.

Listen and forgive!

It is clear that the art of listening and forgiveness needs to be taught to the children of Barbados.

This is the view of Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley.

As she addressed the nation during Saturday’s 53rd Independence Celebrations at Kensington Oval, she stated her belief that this is important if we are to make Barbados a better place.

“The art of listening and the art of forgiveness is something that needs to be taught to our students. We can do better,” she said.

She believes that in life it is important to talk with people and not at, or to, them; to care about one another, and to recognise that caring is the first step in wanting to protect someone and not harm them. The PM urged people to remember these simple things.

She believes that if these basic things are instilled in all of our children, then the future of our nation will be assured.

However, Mottley was also quick to note that this would not be possible if people are not prepared to listen to each other, tolerate each other, and learn the power of forgiveness.

She asked the church to step up to the plate and to bring back a level of parenting in this country, such that each person takes responsibility for raising young people.

She went on to note that if they were to improve the future; the health of our children also needs to be addressed.

She believes that the number of children with diabetes is entirely too high, and as such, urged persons to change how they eat, to exercise and to be more active.

According to the prime minister it is time for the people of Barbados to increase the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, “because if the price of vegetables is outside the reach of a household, they will feed themselves on a diet that will only make them worse off, so my friends, let us work together to be able to increase the production of fresh foods, and vegetables in this country,” she said.

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