Law student wins scholarship

Dylana Alleyne has been named this year’s Trevor Browne Educational Scholarship awardee.

Alleyne received her prize during the Light and Power Employees Cooperative Credit Union Ltd’s Educational Scholarship awards, which took place last Friday evening at the Courtyard by Marriott.

During her brief comments, she expressed her deepest gratitude for being chosen to be the scholarship winner and noted that the $1 500 scholarship will be put towards her continuing her education in law at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

Eleven other students were also rewarded that day with the Julie Alleyne Common Entrance Award, based on the outstanding work they would have each done during the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination 2019.

During his featured address, President of the Board of Directors, Anderson Henry explained that yesterday’s awards were just the Light and Power Employees Cooperative Credit Union Ltd’s way of encouraging the students to continue to do their best.

He noted that even though they would have performed exceptionally well in their examinations recently, it would not be enough for them to bask in their success or rest on their laurels, and as such, he encouraged the students to continue to push for success in their current academic lives as well.

He encouraged them to reach out to their parents and teachers of their former schools and thank them, for it was their former schools and parents that helped guide them on this successful path.

“The success that you now enjoy is the culmination of the many hands that lifted you up and the many voices that encouraged you along the way,” he said.

“Secondary school life may seem tougher because it is new and different to you but with determination and ambition this too would be a milestone that you will look back on and smile as you set yourself to achieve greater. Time in secondary school is designed to help you develop and discover what your passions are

in choosing your career path.

“Challenges are but tests of one’s character the way that you face and how you overcome these challenges determines your strength and resolve.”

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