Lashley calls on Parish Ambassadors to be a positive beacon

THE Hon. Steven Lashley, Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, is calling for vigilance in protecting our youth from harmful and violent behaviours, a task he is placing at the feet of the Parish Ambassadors.

He told persons during the parish independence launch, “Our Parish Ambassadors must lead other young people in denouncing violence in all its forms.

“I am concerned about the escalation in gun violence, and in particular those that have recently claimed lives. I am calling for all of us to take a stand against this reckless behaviour.”

He pointed out, “I am equally concerned about the impact that certain types of dancehall music and music videos are having on the minds of citizens, especially the younger generation who are at an impressionable age.

“I believe these songs should not be played on our radio stations, and a market must not be created for that kind of music where they can be purchased or circulated to the extent of social media.”

Lashley noted, “Some of these songs portray gun crimes, lewd behaviour and promotes the use of illegal drugs, negative impacts on our society which can be detrimental.”

“If as a society we do not take a united stand against these negative influences, then by our own silence we are encouraging and promoting this behaviour. Hence, it is critically important we strive to create an environment where respect, dignity and tolerance are more than buzz words.”

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